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Eagle and the Raven - A Purification by Banishment - Written & Produced by Loree Boyd

Eagle and the Raven is a A GOLDEN AWARD winner for "Best Feature Length Documentary" at the HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and winner of the RED EARTH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. 

Review by Mark Deming Rovi: "This film profiles the story of the two Tlinget teenagers. After spending a year in county jail for robbery and assault the teenagers were brought home to Klawock, Alaska to stand before their tribal court.

 In an unprecedented action, that became the center of an international news story, the young men were ordered to spend 12 months exiled on separate isolated islands, a sentence based on Tlinget tradition. 

Eagle and the Raven, gives a rare look at the young men’s struggles and healing processes. 

Summary In 1993, two teenagers from Alaska who were visiting Seattle, Washington attacked and robbed a pizza delivery man; they were found guilty of robbery, and each served a year in jail. However, the two boys were also Native Americans and members of the Tlingit Indian tribe, and at the request of the tribal leaders, they were returned to Alaska to stand trial before the Tlingit tribal elders. The Tlingit judicial council ordered that the two teenagers each be banished to a small island to fend for themselves for twelve to eighteen months. However, Alaska's state courts opted to intervene, and eventually ordered the young men be sent to prison after eight months of banishment.

The Eagle and the Raven: A Purification by Banishment is a documentary which examines this unusual case and it's ramification on juvenile justice, as well as the traditions and practices of Native American justice." 

Stonington Vineyards Promotional Video

This promotional video was created for Stonington Vineyards. The video features Happy Smith (Matriarch of Stonington Vineyards) and sommelier and narrator Tom DiNardo - The Wine Zealot.

Stonington Vineyards is a founding member of the Connecticut Wine Trail. The winery is best known for its barrel fermented Chardonnay and its award winning proprietary blends such as "Seaport White" and "Triad Rose" as well as acclaimed wines. 

 Length 4:06

Kash Jackson, Between a Rock and a Hard Place - a documentary film

The documentary Kash Jackson, Between a Rock and a Hard Place was written and produced by Loree Boyd.

Much like the 1960’s America is witnessing the rebirth of a New Civil Rights Movement. There are powerful voices beginning to speak out; Kash Jackson is one of them.

Kash Jackson joined the United States Navy more than twenty years ago. As a young man, he vowed to protect all Americans both internationally as well as domestically in swearing an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. Kash still honors that vow today. He created a controversy when he wore his Navy uniform, medals, and flew an inverted American Flag in both Washington, D.C. and Standing Rock, North Dakota. When asked about his motives Mr. Jackson replied, “An inverted American flag is an International sign of distress that Americans are in danger. Clearly, that was the case in Standing Rock as well as other places in the United States where Americans constitutional rights are being violated.”

Kash’s work has taken him from the steps of the White House to Standing Rock, North Dakota, and now into Illinois State politics. As one of the leaders in the Family Law Reform movement. Mr. Jackson has organized and attended a variety of events to bring attention to problems within the family court system. He is a compelling human rights activist, the Founder of Restoring Freedom, an and is one of the veterans who supported the Native American Water Protectors and those who stood by them at Standing Rock.

As tensions continued to grow in North Dakota over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), Kash Jackson was joined by thousands of other veterans on his third trip to Standing Rock. This group of committed U.S. veterans acted as human shields to protect native people’s against police brutality, the abusive water cannons used in sub-zero weather conditions, and further government oppression. Committed to stopping DAPL from building a pipeline underneath the Missouri River, and further desecrating a sacred Native American burial ground, Kash Jackson became a voice in a far reaching movement which ultimately caught the attention of the prior White House Obama Administration. The Trump White House still ignores Native American Treaty violations and civil rights issues by his administration's ongoing approval of Dakota Access Pipeline projects.

Along with others in the Family Law Reform movement, Kash Jackson continues to stand and speak out against DAPL and the family court system.  “The current Family Court system has destroyed many lives of fathers, mothers, and it especially has taken its toll on the innocent children caught up in this imbalanced legal system” says Jackson.  Kash Jackson also addresses the devastating effects the current poorly run Veterans Administration system has had on veterans’ suicide rate. 

Not everyone appreciates Kash’s viewpoints, stand or his style. Whether you agree with Kash Jackson or not, he has struck a chord with tens of thousands of supporters in both America and abroad with his passionate and extremely colorful personality. If there is one word to describe Kash Jackson it is, genuine. It takes courage to stand up and speak out on an international platform. As a result he has received death threats from detractors, including a former U.S. veteran sniper. 

Kash was recently jailed on a contempt of court charge for his work on Family Law Reform and then later released. The punitive actions taken against him appear to  be politically motivated as the result of Kash’s heroic activism rather than any alleged and pending legal actions.